[Store Notice] For BT21 customers - Announcement regarding product sales in Korea

We would like to inform you that BT21 product sales in Korea will resume temporarily, at LINE FRIENDS Itaewon store and Naver Smart Store (previously Naver Storefarm).

Please refer to the below for further details.




[Store Operation & Entrance Rules]

BT21 products will be available for 10 days, starting from February 19 until February 28.

Doors open every day at 11AM, first come first served.


As you enter the store, you will be given a ticket. BT21 products are available to ticket holders only.

The tickets are needed in order to seperate BT21 and LINE FRIENDS customers so we kindly ask for your understanding.

Please return the tickets to the register at checkout.


[Product Purchase]

We have limited storage space in our store, so products may sell out early during daily operation hours. (Sold out products will be announced on-site)

There is a limit to the number of items you may purchase. Please check details on-site. 

LINE FRIENDS Itaewon store operation hours are 11AM-10PM.

※ Store locator :


2. NAVER LINE FRIENDS BT21 Smart Store (previously Naver Storefarm)


[Store Open & Product Release] 

There will be a total of 4 releases in consecutive order.

This is to ensure that all of our customers receive BT21 products in a timely manner so we ask for your kind understanding.


Product Release 

- 1st Drop : February 19 (Mon) 3PM KST

- 2nd Drop : February 21 (Wed) 3PM KST

- 3rd Drop : February 26 (Mon) 3PM KST 

- 4th Drop : February 28 (Wed) 3PM KST


[Product Purchase]

Purchase is limited to 1 item for each product, per account. 

Free shipping on orders of 30,000 KRW or more.

Products available at Itaewon Store and Naver Smart Store may differ.


The above guidelines are flexible and subject to change. 

In case any changes occur, details will be notified accordingly.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


We are doing our best to introduce a wider selection of products and provide you with the best customer experience possible.

Thank you so much, all BT21 fans!